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Smart Meter Info
Open Letter To The Community On Smart-Meters 23 pages
Open Letter To Executives On Smart-Meters 3 pages
Warning from David Carpenter (Harvard MD) on Smart meter dangers.
Daniel Hirsch (PhD) and other scientists debunk the CCST report.
Martin Pall Physicist and BioChemist (Phd) Extinction and Effects Occur Slowly.
Martin Pall Physicist and BioChemist (Phd) Pulsed EMF and Smart meter Negative Health Effects.
Carl Blackman PhD
Andrew Goldsworthy PhD
Andrew Marino PhD
Dr. Golomb PhD-MD
Martin Pall PhD
Bio-Initiative Report 2012
Sam Milham Book Dirty Electricity
An Open Letter Concerning EMF From Solar/Wind Inverters
Water Meter Letter


Smart Meter Info

Open Letter To The Community On Smart-Meters 23 pages

You may Left Click the link below to read the document or Right Click the link below to download the document.


Open Letter To Executives On Smart-Meters 3 pages

Dear Executive Letter (Short Version of Open Letter)

If you approach a busy person, like an executive, on this smart-meter topic and ask them to read the Open Letter, they may complain that they are TOO BUSY to read the Open Letter. The Dear Executive letter is a 3.5 page super-condensed version of the open letter.


Link to the Presentation to the Iowa State Senators and Representatives at the State Capitol, Des Moines, 2018-05-03

Presentation to the Iowa State Senators and Representatives at the State Capitol

Link to the presentation to the Fairfield City Council on 2017-11-13

Presentation to City Council

Links to the Meeting With Iowa Attorney General Representative and Office of Consumer Advocate, December 2017

There are 2 links below. First link is the full meeting. Second link is a one minute excerpt where the audio of a person who was asking a question, has been amplified.

Iowa Attorney General visit to Fairfield

Iowa Attorney General visit to Fairfield One Minute Excerpt

Warning from David Carpenter (Harvard MD) on Smart meter dangers.

Link to Warning from David Carpenter, Harvard MD, on Smart meter dangers.

CLICK HERE for video of Dr. David Carpenter

Dirty Electricity From C1S

Click For Dirty Electricity Report on C1S

The Utilitys Color Glossy Brochure

With regard to the Utilitys attempt to show that Cell Phone radiation is 100 times worse than a smart-meter radiation, with data apparently copied from the CCST report, 21 experts refute and debunk the CCST findings.

Daniel Hirsch (PhD) and other scientists debunk the CCST report.
Click Here for Debunk_of_Draft_CCST_report_EV21-CCST-Corr.-4-8-13-PUC-465.pdf

Click Here for Debunk_of_Draft_CCST_report_by_Daniel_Hirsch_2011-01-31.pdf

Martin Pall Physicist and BioChemist (Phd) Extinction and Effects Occur Slowly.

CLICK HERE for video of Dr. Martin Pall

Decreased Male Fertility and Extinction of Human Race.

Beginning at Min:Sec 26:35

"We have now, in humans, in many many countries around the world, decreased male sperm count.
Down 50% in Western countries and about one half that amount in other countries around the world.

[ NOTE: Dr. Pall is quoting results from a certain research paper during this part of his discussion. ]

The senior author of that paper says that if we keep going like this we will become extinct, and just from decreased sperm count. We know that it occurs in humans."

Negative Effects of EMF Develop Slowly.

Beginning at Min:Sec 56:20

"One thing to emphasize is that this whole nonsense that the industry is putting forth, is

just that, nonsense.

[NOTE: Dr. Pall is referring to industries that promote products and/or services that utilize

EMF and who tell the public that it is safe. ]

We are literally destroying our health in many different ways, and I think ... you know we
talked about the extinction issue and I think that it is probable that we will generate our
own extinction rather quickly from the EMFs.

One of the things that is important here is that when you look at the effect of EMF on the
brain, and when you look at the effect of the EMF on the reproductive system, they both
develop slowly over time.

Those are the things that we're not aware of, because they develop slowly. It is not like getting hit in the head by something. It develops over periods of
months and sometimes years.

So we're not aware of them even though they are accumulative and develop quite sever effects. People are not aware of this because it develops slowly over time despite the severity of the eventual effect. And that is something that all of us should keep in mind."

Martin Pall Physicist and BioChemist (Phd) Pulsed EMF and Smart meter Negative Health Effects.

CLICK HERE for video of Dr. Martin Pall for Smart Meter effects

Beginning at Hr:Min:Sec 1:01:50

"Each of the smart meter effect research studies found that smart meters produced large
increases in neurological / neuropsychiatry effects similar to those found to be produced
by many other microwave frequency EMFs.

Each of them also found that there are cardiac effects such as tachycardia, bradycardia,
arrhythmia, and heart palpitations.

Again, these are similar to effect produced by other pulsed EMFs.

Arrhythmia, especially when it occurs with bradycardia are often associated with sudden
cardiac death, so they are life-threatening.

Most of the effects in response to radiation tend to develop very slowly over time, and that is one of the reasons that we are often unaware of them.

However there are many many anecdotal reports on smart meters which have argued that there are very rapid effects. That suggests that the smart meters are much more dangerous than most of the other radiation that we get exposed to.

Smart meters also produce a lot of Dirty Electricity in our power wiring where the wiring
acts as an antenna and radiates us with all of the pulsations in the smart meter

FCC Maximum exposure Levels, full document.
Click Here for FCC_Bulletin_EMF_exposure_oet56e4.pdf

EUROPAEM-EMF European Academy For Environmental Medicine Guideline-2016, full document.
Click Here for EUROPAEM-EMF-Guideline-2016.pdf

Link To Comparison of European and FCC Exposure Levels ?
Comparison of European and FCC Exposure Levels

Someone attempted to discredit the European Academy for Environmental Medicine. Here is the response.

Are the Smart Meters UL Listed ?

Whew, this is a big topic.

UL seems to have a bit of a stellar reputation, and it might be helpful to the reader to understand;
== UL is not a government organization or anything like that
== UL is a for-profit corporation
== UL is one of 18 corporations who perform product safety testing

Insurance companies will presumably want various equipment on the insured property to be "product safety tested" by one of these 18 corporations - not just UL. The particular insurance policy will presumably stipulate this. Presumably the policy will also stipulate contract clauses for the possibility of claims made when there is non-safety-tested equipment.

So are the smart-meters product safety tested by one of the 18 testing corporations?

There is no intention to frustrate you. The safety testing certification is really only the business of the manufacturer.

Even if an answer were offered here today, it might not be true tomorrow.

PLEASE do your own research on the specific model smart-meter, with the manufacturer.

Are the smart-meters OSHA approved ?

While OSHA does not approve or endorse products, there are a small number of products which if used in a workplace do require approval before being acceptable to OSHA.

Keep in mind that OSHA does not address the general public sector. The first word in OSHA is "Occupational", meaning they address the needs and environments of workers, only.

What is difference between "Smart-Meters" and "Digital Meters" ?

As it is understood now;

== a Smart Meter is a digital electronic metering device that has a 2-way data radio that allows the meter to receive requests from some up-stream controller or relay device and to transmit metering and other data to same.

In addition, this smart meter has an additional EMF/RF 2-way radio to "talk to" smart appliances.

Since this is an electronic device it requires an internal power supply. The type of power supply used is a "switching" power supply which creates noise/interference on the power lines. This noise/interference is referred-to as Dirty Electricity (DE).

The DE flows into the property (like a home) and circulates on all of the power circuits. This DE radiates Electric fields and Magnetic fields into the internal spaces and will induce currents and voltages into human physiology. Technical experts have measured this effect of DE from smart-meter power supplies.

== a Digital Meter is a digital electronic metering device. Unlike the old analog meters that have dials on them, these Digital Meters have digital readouts.

Since this is an electronic device it requires an internal power supply. The type of power supply used is a "switching" power supply which creates noise/interference on the power lines. This noise/interference is referred-to as Dirty Electricity (DE).

The DE flows into the property (like a home) and circulates on all of the power circuits. This DE radiates Electric fields and Magnetic fields into the internal spaces and will induce currents and voltages into human physiology. Technical experts have measured this effect of DE from digital-meter power supplies.

BE CAREFUL. Some of these so-called Digital Meters apparently have a switching power supply that operates ABOVE 1 Mhz.

It is a common practice to use the so-called Stetzzer meter to measure Dirty Electricity.

Inasmuch as the Stetzzer meter has a VERY LIMITED frequency range over which it can measure Dirty Electricity ( 4kHz to 100 kHz ), it will NOT measure such a Digital Meter&aposs Dirty Electricity. There will seem to be little or no Dirty Electricity, when in fact there is Dirty Electricity.

Wisconsin Smart-Meter Measurements

Wisconsin Measurements Video;
Wisconsin Measurements video

Some criticisms were posted and emails sent suggesting some problem with the Wisconsin smart-meter measurements. Here is the response to those criticisms.

Wisconsin Measurements Detail Document;
Wisconsin Measurements document.pdf

Smart Meter Power Density Readings From Alliant Energys Open House in Fairfield Iowa, 2017-11-16

The measurement instrument used in this test, is a brand new Gigahertz Solutions HF-35C instrument with integral Log Periodic antenna.

The instrument was set for 1999 uW/m^2 max. power density reading.
The instrument was set for Peak power density reading.
No attenuator was used in the antenna lead.

This is a measurement of the "test" smart-meter that Alliant brought to the Fairfield community to show us the strength of radiation (without showing the number of pulses per day).

The tests showed peak readings of 1400 uW/m^2 at a range of 30 feet from the meter.

Now the above readings are compared to the European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EAEM)

EAEM Recommended Peak EMF levels.
EAEM Daytime; 100 uWm^2, making the measured value 14 times higher
EAEM Nighttime; 10 uWm^2, making the measured value 140 times higher
EAEM Sensitive Persons; 1 uWm^2, making the measured value 1400 times higher

Alliant Smart Meter Iowa 2017-11-16

Dirty Electricity Information

In the following Digital-Meter / Smart-Meter specific document, Dirty Electricity from both Digital Meters and Smart Meters is discussed.

Dirty_Electricity_With_Regard_To _Utility_Metering_Devices.pdf

In the following extended document, Dirty Electricity from both Digital Meters and Smart Meters is discussed. Please read sections; 1.1 and 1.3


In the following document, the difference between Surge Protectors and Dirty Electricity Filtering Devices is discussed. This whitepaper hopefully clears up the confusion where it is thought that Surge Protection devices will reduce Dirty Electricity - they will NOT.

Understanding Difference Between Surge-Protectors and Dirty-Electricity-Filters.pdf

Emails were recently sent and Web Posts were made that suggest that Digital Meters do not have Dirty Electricity

Responding_to_Emails_and_Web_Posts_That_Suggest_That Digital_Meters_Do_Not_Have_Dirty_Electricity.pdf

Iowa Administrative Code

Iowa_Admin_Code_Chap199-Utilities.pdf 459 Pages

Iowa_Admin_Code_Chap199-Utilities_Sect-20-Electric.pdf 62 Pages

Document Issued By Iowa Utilities Board 2018-07-13

Iowa Utilities Board Docket 2018-07-13

CLICK HERE for image of Alliant Smart Meter

Closing This Page

The many, many volunteers want to acknowledge the kind and appreciative individuals who have expressed their heart felt appreciation for this work. You know who you are and the volunteers know who you are (big smile). Your words and your Love are very much felt and very much appreciated. And it is OK that you are in the minority, because your Love is Infinite !

Just a reminder that all of these kinds of articles include opinions of the author.



Various Topic Articles Are Included Here

There Is So Much EMF In The Air Today, Why Worry About Wifi and Cell Phones ?


NOTE: Radio Frequencies (RF) are part of the broader range called electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The title of this article is a commonly asked question. There are numerous ways to address this subject, such as examination of water or air quality and asking if being complacent about new (water or air) threats of contamination are worth investigating and possibly resisting when it is known that there are already compromises on air or water quality.

Water and air quality issues have been around longer than EMF concerns. As such, it is more difficult for regulators to ignore threats to water or air quality, but the topic of EMF hazards appears to be new enough that they can, or they try to, "shrug it off".

Manufacturers and Users (such as communications carriers and utility companies) will often use the proliferation of wireless Internet (Wifi) and cell phone usage to attempt to dispel concern for their EMF (RF) base stations or wireless smart meter installations.

Case In Point

There are countless scenarios and settings in which this topic can be discussed, each with it&aposs own set of assumptions. Here a simple example will be addressed that gives a data point that you might find interesting.

The setting is a community neighborhood. One particular resident is concerned because he is aware that his neighbor uses Wifi, 24 hours per day. He would like his neighbor, at a minimum, to turn off the Wifi overnight. Here we will simply compare the received Power Density (the received field strength) of that Wifi and compare it to the received signal strength of a Cell phone Base Station (aka Cell Tower) that is in the same town. We will assume that the neighbor is right next door.


Calculations are included for the technical readers. If you do not wish to wade through the math, just skip to the Findings.

You can refer to FCC Bulletin OET65 for formulas to compute received Power Density.

Cell Phone Base Station
Assumed base station transmit power: 60 watts
Assumed antenna gain (numeric): 10
Assumed range from cell base station: 2333 meters
Received EMF Power Density: 0.88 Nano Watts/ Sq cm

Wifi Wireless Router
Assumed base station transmit power: 1 watts
Assumed antenna gain (numeric): 4
Assumed range from cell base station: 30 meters
Received EMF Power Density: 35.4 Nano Watts/ Sq cm


Cell Phone Base Station Received EMF Power Density: 0.88 Nano Watts/ Sq cm
Wifi Wireless Router Received EMF Power Density: 35.4 Nano Watts/ Sq cm

The Wifi Received Power Density is (35.4/.88) is 40.2 times stronger than the Cell Phone Base Station radiation.


Due to the very close proximity of the Wifi unit, it (the Wifi unit) has a dramatic effect (increase of EMF strength) on the EMF environment for the concerned person.



Introduction To Metering

A telephone line Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system has been located.


FirstPoint(tm) Energy Corporation N.A.
1800 NW 169th Place, Suite B-100
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Phone: 503.425.5100
Fax: 503.425.5010
Toll-Free: 888.422.8484

Record of Telecon
From: Robert Palma
To: FirstPoint representative, Penni
Date: 2012-06-12

Penni said that FirstPoint, formerly TelData Solutions has been in the telephone line water metering business for 20 years. She said that their product line is in production and continues to be a good business for them.

Penni explained that their product is an interface between:
- a water meter that has an electrical output (a wired output)
- a standard dial phone line, aka POTS line, aka Loop Start line.

Penni said that there are a variety of water meters, that have a wired output, that are compatible with her interface products. The documentation she included specifies these products.

She described the basic product models as: TDS-2, TDS-4, AC-4

Penni provided 5 documents. They are available below.

Going Forward From Here

The existence of a viable, in production wired solution for AMR, via Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) lines has been discovered and made available.

There is no need for me (Robert) to be involved in the interaction/discussion between the Fairfield Water Department and the FirstPoint company.

Download Links

FirstPoint_telephone_line_TDS-2 Installation Manual_042602.doc
FirstPoint_telephone_line_AC-4_Installation Manual_rev2_060502.doc

Metering Over Internet Protocol (IP)

In pursuit of a non-wireless water metering system solution, a concept document has been written, entitled: Metering Over IP.

A manufacturer of metering interface electronics has been located, and thus makes this concept immediately viable.

You may read or download the DRAFT document by Clicking Here.



This page has links to research papers related to electromagnetic field (EMF) influences on human physiology. In addition, certain research documents or summary documents are available here for download.

If there are papers or links that you think might be appropriate to this topic and would like to see them added here, please provide details in an email. There is a Contact link above that you can click to find my address.

IARC Monographs On The Evaluation Of Carcinogenic Risks To Humans RadioFrequency Electromagnetic Fields Mono_102.pdf

This publication represents the views and expert opinions of an IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, which met in Lyon, 24-31 May 2011. This report was published April 2013.

Highlights of Findings

The bulk of evidence came from reports of the INTERPHONE study, a very large international, multicentre case control study and a separate large case control study from Sweden on gliomas and meningiomas of the brain and acoustic neuromas. While affected by selection bias and information bias to varying degrees, these studies showed an association between glioma and acoustic neuroma and mobile phone use; specifically in people with highest cumulative use of mobile phones, in people who had used mobile phones on the same side of the head as that on which their tumour developed, and in people whose tumour was in the temporal lobe of the brain (the area of the brain that is most exposed to RF radiation when a wireless phone is used at the ear). The Swedish study found similar results for cordless phones.

You may Left Click below to read the PDF document, or you may Right Click below to download the PDF document.


Carl Blackman PhD

Study by Carl Blackman, Phd

Here Blackman uses the term "modulation" to refer to the pulsing. "Modulation" means changing something about the 900 Mhz carrier and if we "turn it off and on" (pulsing) that is called Amplitude Modulation.

Blackman mentions various biological effects such as:
- causing changes in cell growth, differentiation and proliferation as a "cellular" basis for cancer
- changes in brain tissue chemistry from EMF
- changes in nerve growth factors from EMF, especially in children
- EMF induced changes on cell surfaces can dramatically alter homeostatic mechanisms

This study is included as a PDF.


Effects of Wi-Fi Signals On The P300 Component of Event-related Potentials During An Auditory Hayling Task.


The P300 component of event-related potentials (ERPs) is believed to index attention and working memory (WM) operation of the brain. The present study focused on the possible gender-related effects of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) electromagnetic fields (EMF) on these processes. Fifteen male and fifteen female subjects, matched for age and education level, were investigated while performing a modified version of the Hayling Sentence Completion test adjusted to induce WM. ERPs were recorded at 30 scalp electrodes, both without and with the exposure to a Wi-Fi signal. P300 amplitude values at 18 electrodes were found to be significantly lower in the response inhibition condition than in the response initiation and baseline conditions. Independent of the above effect, within the response inhibition condition there was also a significant gender X radiation interaction effect manifested at 15 leads by decreased P300 amplitudes of males in comparison to female subjects only at the presence of EMF. In conclusion, the present findings suggest that Wi-Fi exposure may exert gender-related alterations on neural activity associated with the amount of attentional resources engaged during a linguistic test adjusted to induce WM.

Click Here link to NIH Abstract

The Controversial FCC (so-called) Safe Exposure Limits
Proponents of the proliferation of EMF for various purposes, will often cite that the EMF strengths that are being referred-to are within the FCC so-called safe limits for exposure.

Researchers, public officials and citizens will counter those statements with arguments, that (to just name a few):

== the FCC limits do not address long term, chronic exposure.
== the FCC limits are considerably higher than other government (other countries) limits.
== the FCC limits are considerably (1000&aposs to 100,000s times) higher than studies have shown produce ill effects.
== the FCC limits address only thermal heating of tissues.
== the FCC limits do not take into account the so-called "pulsed effect".

Interestingly, other agencies within the US Federal government agree that the FCC limits are inadequate for a variety of reasons and they have gone on record (public record) to recommend that the FCC overhaul it&aposs limits.

One such agency is The Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

In a letter to the FCC, NIOSH clearly conveys that the FCC limits need overhauling. In a compelling, 173 page letter and research report attachments, NIOSH presents a convincing case.

This letter (and attachments) are dated January 1994.

NIOSH made the letter (and attachments) available as a series of PDF documents available below.







Andrew Goldsworthy PhD

Study, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy on Bio Effects

This study refers to a wide range of frequencies from low power line frequencies, sometimes referred-to as ELF, (extremely low frequency) all the way up to WiFi frequencies 2.4 Ghz (gigahertz, i.e. microwave frequencies).

Note as you peruse the study that there is reference to the pulsed effect of these EMF signals.

Here is a brief quote from Goldworthy&aposs paper:

Why Microwaves Are Particularly Damaging
The frequency of the carrier wave is also important. Higher frequencies such as the
microwaves used in cell phones, WiFi and DECT phones, are the most damaging. Our
present exposure to man-made microwaves is about a million billion billion (one followed by eighteen zeros) times greater than our natural exposure to these frequencies. We did not evolve in this environment and we should not be too surprised to find that at least some people may not be genetically adapted to it. As with most populations faced with an
environmental change, those members that are not adapted either become ill, die
prematurely or fail to reproduce adequately. Ironically, those who are electromagnetically
intolerant may be better equipped to survive since they are driven to do whatever they can to avoid the radiation.

Biol_Effects_EMFs_Dr_Andrew_Goldsworthy_2012 NZ2rev.pdf

Andrew Marino PhD


Harold Sonnier PhD and Andrew A. Marino PhD

Laboratory studies of the biological effects of low-frequency electromagnetic
fields (EMFs) have demonstrated that the fields can produce or alter a wide range
of phenomena. Explaining the diversity of the reported effects is a central
problem. Our basic hypothesis is that the effects are generally indirect, and arise
as a consequence of sensory transduction of the fields. In this view, EMF
detection and its biological consequences occur in different types of cells.
Experimental verification of the hypothesis will ultimately require data showing
that the interaction of EMFs with tissue results in biological changes that are the
same as or similar to changes that occur during sensory transduction. The goal
was to identify the specific phenomena that would be expected to occur if the
hypothesis were true. We therefore analyzed the presently accepted models of
sensory transduction in the somatic and special senses. Many kinds of processes
were identified in connection with transduction of different kinds of stimuli, but
we found that a change in conductance of a membrane ion channel in a neuron or
a neuroepithelial cell was the earliest process that occurred in all forms of sensory
transduction. Evidence from an appropriate model excitable cell or tissue that
EMFs affect membrane currents or membrane potential would therefore support
the hypothesis that EMF transduction is a species of sensory transduction.


Mobile-phone Pulse Triggers Evoked Potentials.
S. Carrubba, C. Frilot II, A.L. Chesson Jr. & A.A. Marino.

Mobile-phone Pulse

Electromagnetic Energy In The Environment And Human Disease

Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D.
Professor Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
LSU Health Sciences Center

Electromagnetic Energy In The Environment And Human Disease.pdf

Dr. Golomb PhD-MD

UC San Diego School of Medicine Faculty Explains Sever Impact of EMF On Population


Dirty Electricity Related, Paper 1

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Evidence for a novel neurological syndrome
D.E. McCarty, S. Carrubba, A.L. Chesson, Jr., C. Frilot II, E. Gonzalez-Toledo & A.A. Marino. Int. J. Neurosci. 121:670Ė676, 2011.

The author of this blog ( ) believes that the following research paper is particularly relevant to the phenomenon of Dirty Electricity.

Dirty Electricity is a term-of-art that refers-to high frequency voltages and currents on traditional utility wiring. This means voltages and currents that are of a higher frequency than the underlying 50/60 Hz Alternating Current (AC) power. This Dirty Electricity energy can reach up into the millions of cycles per second (several MegaHz)

Dirty Electricity has many sources/causes, and most often comes from the vast array of switching regulators found within countless electronic devices, lighting and appliances.

Dirty Electricity also is produced, at a significant intensity by switching inverters that convert Direct Current DC, to AC.

In off-grid and solar/wind augmentation installations, (residential, commercial, industrial, utility-based, etc), it is usually the ultimate need to supply AC. Since solar and wind generators typically produce DC, then an inverter is needed to convert this DC, to AC.

These inverters leak their base switching frequency (typically 16 Khz to 20 Khz) onto the AC lines and also leak harmonics (multiples) of those base switching frequencies.

This (leakage) is Dirty Electricity.

In the following paper, the authors note that a constant, 60 Hz-only EMF (electromagnetic field) did not seem to cause distress or symptoms of illness for the test subject.

When the 60 Hz field was pulsed (turned on and off) symptoms immediately arose.

The pulsing of the EMF that is described in the paper, is, in this blog author&aposs opinion, highly similar to the Dirty Electricity produced by inverters.

Full paper is here: Read the study here -Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Evidence for a novel neurological syndrome

Dirty Electricity Related, Paper 2

The Effects of Low-Frequency Environmental-Strength Electromagnetic Fields on Brain Electrical Activity: A Critical Review of the Literature

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, LSU Health Sciences Center,
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

In the following paper, the authors provide an extensive and authoritative examination of Low Frequency induced effects on humans and animals. These Low Frequencies, are, for the most part, within the frequency range that is referred-to as Dirty Electricity.

The results of this study are compelling. Here are quotations from the paper.

We showed that a fundamental effect of an EMF stimulus is the triggering of onset and offset evoked potentials in the brain (Carrubba et al., 2007a), and we described a procedure by which their presence can be demonstrated consistently, in every subject, with the requisite statistical reliability (Carrubba et al., 2008).

After the first concerns that man-made electromagnetic fields in the environment might be a hazard to public health were raised almost 40 years ago (Becker, 1972; Adey, 1976), the main counter-argument was that the reported EMF-induced bioeffects were inconsistent, thereby indicating only the existence of inconspicuous experimental errors, not real biological processes.

There never was any reliable evidence that the argument was true. Now, there is clear evidence the argument is false; magnetosensory evoked potentials elicited by EMFs can be detected in essentially every subject examined when the proper form of analysis is used (Carrubba et al.,

Full paper is here: The Effects of Low-Frequency Environmental-Strength Electromagnetic Fields on Brain Electrical Activity: A Critical Review of the Literature

Martin Pall PhD



Electromagnetic-fields-act-via-activation-of-voltage-gatedcalcium-channels-to-produce-beneficia- or-adverse-effects.pdf






Link to the Interview of Dr. Martin Pall, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Interview of Dr. Martin Pall, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Martin Pall PhD Channel

Bio-Initiative Report 2012

Bio Initiative Report 2012

Sam Milham Book Dirty Electricity

Sam Milham Book Dirty Electricity


An Open Letter Concerning EMF From Solar/Wind Inverters

I hope this note finds you well.

I am writing to you today to let you know about two specific research papers that address the effects on human physiology, of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are found to be radiating from power wiring, due to the switching inverters typically used in both photovoltaic solar systems and wind generation systems. I am sending this email to several friends and associates in Fairfield Iowa and several friends and associates outside of Fairfield.


Recently I have been receiving telephone calls and emails with regard to the announcement that there may be the addition of a photovoltaic solar panel system to the Gentlemen&aposs meditation hall (the Golden Dome), here in Fairfield Iowa.

The reason for the aforementioned contacts, is the concern by those persons, that such an installation would impose unhealthy electromagnetic fields within the meditation hall.

Since solar photovoltaic systems (as well as wind generation systems) produce DC (direct current), and most appliances require AC (50/60 Hz alternating current), in such an installation a switching regulator commonly known as an Inverter, is used to convert the DC to AC.

In short, a switching Inverter leaks high frequency energy onto the AC lines that is called Dirty Electricity (a term-of-art). The concern is that this Dirty Electricity will cause the radiation of EMF into the meditation hall, from the existing wiring in the hall, and be unhealthy for the meditators.

The purpose of this correspondence is to provide information that will help you to make your own decisions, and hopefully, to help slow the flood of inquiries that are being sent to me.

The Distance of The Solar Array From The Facility Is Not A Factor In Causing Dirty Electricity EMF

I have been asked the following question, over and over again, in just the past few days.

If the solar array (or wind generator) and its associated Inverter are placed at a significant distance from the facility, will the Dirty Electricity EMF be less?

There is NOT much advantage from such a separation. The Dirty Electricity voltages and currents are moving in the wiring that connects the Inverter with the facility. They will travel to the facility in the wiring, and then the Dirty Electricity voltages and currents will typically (see next paragraph) radiate into the facility interior spaces as Dirty Electricity EMF.

If the AC wiring within a facility is enclosed within metal tubing or other metal armored shielding, the radiation of Dirty Electricity EMF into the facility spaces will be less-than, the case of no shielding.

A Significant Misunderstanding by Some Experts Concerning Pulsing EMF

Pulsing means that the EMF is being turned on and off, at some particular rate. This is common in a variety of modern-world EMF environments such as cell phones, Wifi and switching regulators. NOTE: an Inverter used for solar or wind generation is a switching Inverter. It is pulsing on and off (typically) at 16 kHz to 20 kHz.

When a technical expert, such as an electrical engineer or physicist, who has NOT studied this area, ( the unhealthy effects to humans from pulsing EMF ), is asked about pulsing with regard to unhealthy effects, that expert might respond that the pulsing is a "plus" or "positive aspect" because it results in a lower average power.

A considerable amount of evidence points to, exactly the opposite. The following research papers demonstrate that, pulsing significantly heightens the unhealthy effects of EMF.

Research Papers

In my blog, I have a Research page where I highlight published research papers, and certain government documents.

The research papers are authored by highly credentialed individuals and have been published is refereed journals.

Paper 1

In this paper Andrew Marino Phd, et al, Louisiana State University, present a convincing research experiment that specifically shows how an imposed EMF was undetected by the test subject as long as it was NOT pulsing. When the EMF was then pulsed, very dramatic ill-health symptoms resulted.

Andrew Marino has, what might be the optimal degree for this work. He holds a Phd in Bio-Physics.

Paper 2

In this paper, the authors clearly address the subject of differing research results by various investigators. Some research in this area, for many years now, will report negative health effects from EMF and cite cause and effect. Other research has reported that there is no clear cause and effect.

In this paper (Paper 2), the researchers present a new method of analysis that allows all research to effectively demonstrate the cause and effect, with regard to negative health effects of EMF.

The researchers focus on Low Frequency EMF, which is the arena for Dirty Electricity and as such is of great interest in understanding how the Inverter in a solar or wind generation system can impact human health.

The researchers explain the mechanisms of the EMF effect within in the human body, and discuss various biological processes and how they are affected by EMF.

In this paper (Paper 2), the researchers present an extensive review of other published research initiatives and present them with a new understanding of cause and effect.

Here is the link to the research page on my blog. Both papers are linked there, and by following those links, you will arrive at the authors site for reading or downloading their papers.

NOTE: The authors have graciously presented their work as downloadable PDF files. If you have a continued interest in this area, I suggest that you download the papers to your hard disk. It has been my experience that sometimes papers become unavailable.

This Email As A Web Page and A Technology Solution

The entirety of this email is available as a web page on my blog. In addition, that web page presents a Technology Solution (a filter) that allows the use of the so-called Dirty Electricity Inverters with a very significant reduction in the Dirty Electricity that would otherwise be imposed upon the AC wiring in the facility (residential, institutional, commercial, industrial).

Building Biology

A professional Building Biologist will assess various of your environments and help you to live a healthy life. Assessing EMF, including Dirty Electricity, is one of their avenues of evaluating "building health".

A Final Note

In this correspondence, you may have noted that I did not state a personal "position", that Inverters used in solar and wind generation systems cause ill health. Furthermore, I did not state that all Inverters used in solar and wind generation systems will necessarily produce Dirty Electricity.

On the cautious side, though, I will mention that for the past 12 months I have been contacted by many Building Biologists around the US and it certainly seems that those installations that have been studied by the Building Biologists have contained Inverters that produce Dirty Electricity.

- I have written this correspondence to provide you with relevant information and to try to slow down the flood of inquiries about this topic - all the inquiries ask the same questions.
- I reported that many people have contacted me who believe that Dirty Electricity EMF is unhealthy and are concerned about the possibility of imposing that into the meditation hall (Golden Dome).
- I have pointed you to some very relevant, well executed and professionally documented research, by highly credentialed individuals that shows ill health effects from EMF, and that appear to validate the concerns of those who have contacted me.
- I have explained, at a very high level and in simple language, how Dirty Electricity from an Inverter can indeed produce a Dirty Electricity EMF within a facility.
- I have made you aware of a Technology Solution that allows the Dirty Electricity from an Inverter to be greatly reduced.
- I have noted the availability of Building Biologists to assist with determining if Dirty Electricity is a matter-of-concern for you.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.

Thank-you for reading this.

Blessings to you and to everyone,
Robert Palma

Technology Solution For Dirty Electricity From Solar/Wind Inverters

For many months (9 months or so), my brother and I were contacted by Building Biologists, on the subject of ill health effects from the Inverters used for solar and wind generation systems. The Building Biologists were encountering significant levels of EMF from Inverter Dirty Electricity. Not surprisingly, their clients were experiencing significant ill health effects.

These Inverters are not small devices. They are not small in terms of size, weight and the power that they handle. An inverter on the low end might handle one or two kilowatts. On the high end, they extend well above 10 kws.

The point here is that this very significant amount of power is being switched on and off at 16 kHz or 20 kHz (typically) and the resulting Dirty Electricity can be very strong.

The Building Biologists asked us repeatedly to design a device that would provide a very significant amount of reduction in this Dirty Electricity. While there are a number of products on the market, that accomplish a 10:1 reduction, the Inverter Dirty Electricity was so strong, that 10:1 was not even close to being a "solution".

To make a long story short, we designed the DNA Line Filter, specifically for this need. It accomplishes a 500:1 reduction in DE at 16 kHz and higher reduction at higher frequencies. It is available in two models that handle either 30 amperes or 100 amperes of 50/60 Hz AC. Many installations will require 2 each DNA Line Filters.

Here is the link to the page that describes the DNA Line Filter. The Installation Manual is also available for download. The DNA Line Filter must be installed by a qualified Electrician.
DNA Line Filter URL

NOTE: DNA means, Dissipative Noise Attenuation


Water Meter Letter

The letter below was sent by me, Robert Palma, recently to the Mayor and the Fairfield City Council. I have chosen to publish the letter so that Fairfielders will be aware of my concerns about the potential danger of the City recently placing wireless water meters in or about the homes of those living in Fairfield. The information in brackets has been added to make the letter more understandable to those not familiar with this issue.
Robert Palma
President and Chief Engineer
Midwest Research Corp.

Midwest Research Corp.
Fairfield, IA 52556
June 4, 2012

Mayor Ed Malloy and the Fairfield City Council
City Hall
Fairfield, Iowa

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This letter is in regard to the citizen concerns for health and safety in the presence of the wireless water meters that Fairfield has been installing.

My full resume is available online (please see reference 2 below for that link). In short, I have a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Virginia. I have more than 40 years hands-on research, design, and measurement experience in the military aerospace arena, with a strong emphasis on measurement and characterization of electromagnetic fields (EMF), including the design of measurement instrumentation for use by the military. I was an R&D engineer in the spacecraft design group at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for 22 years. I continue this EMF measurement and EMF-reduction work today with products that reduce cell phone radiation to the head and reduce so-called dirty electricity.

Any time an issue like this surfaces [the issue of Fairfield installing wireless water meters in or about the homes of Fairfield residents], my phone rings off-the-hook and my email mailboxes fill up.

I intend this letter to be a simple and honest statement of facts, observations, and concerns, without exaggeration or embellishment, and would be glad to answer questions if you have them. Also, to avoid confusion, please note that Radio Frequencies (RF), is simply another name for electromagnetic fields (EMF).

1. Are EMF Levels A Problem At All?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the US Army, Navy and Air Force, among many others, all have maximum exposure standards for RF (EMF) because they believe exposure can be damaging to human health. Clearly, if we give these organizations credibility, then we must come to the same conclusion that EMF can cause human health problems.

2. The Wireless Water Meter Transmits Every 14 Seconds

In case there is any lingering question about the operation of the wireless water meter in question [the meter Fairfield has installed and I understand is continuing to install], the companys brochure states that the E Coder R900i utilizes the R900 radio frequency meter interface unit, which transmits data every 14 seconds. It is not a one-time daily or monthly transmission (see reference 3).

3. Experts Need To Assess The Potential Risks

To address the question of whether the wireless water meter in question poses a health risk: in my view you cannot look solely at whether the device in question is within FCC guidelines for individual devices. You need at least two kinds of experts, one who understands electromagnetic fields (an Electronic Engineer or Physicist) and another who understands biology/physiology (a biologist, physiologist, medical practitioner, etc.). You need both of these experts working together.

Introducing thousands of EMF emitting water meters is a massive imposition of EMF in the community as seen by a scientist - at least to this scientist. It is an influence that gets into the human body and it does not appear that the city has commissioned independent experts to assess the health and safety implications. The city, for example, may even have a lack of understanding on the the skill set required to assess the problem by its continual focus on the average power and heating effect of EMF-in-the-human-body, rather than the pulsed effect.

It has been voiced again and again by those who are down-playing the potential dangers of this new wireless deployment that there are wireless Internet router/firewalls, cell phones, and the like around town, so why not add the water meters. But the water meter project is massive and involves thousands of such meters, and this is an action by the city, not individual action.

In addition to the pulsed effect mentioned above, there is the matter of the aggregate of the EMF of thousands of wireless water meters. Do you know the long term effects of this aggregate? If you are unaware of this, it does not mean that the city should ignore this potential problem. If a company offers a new chemical to add to drinking water to improve quality, but the chemical has not been seriously studied, would you allow that to be added to the drinking water in Fairfield? Probably not. The city has a responsibility not to take action potentially harmful to its citizens and in my opinion should follow the precautionary principle referred to below in the Summary.

4. Citizen Objections Are Being Downplayed

It is my opinion that many comments have been made by city officials or others supporting the wireless water meters and other so-called smart meters that downplay the potential seriousness of EMF proliferation.

For example, I have heard expressions that The wireless water meter transmitter is only on for 44 seconds per day. How could something with such a small on-time cause a problem? However, small contaminant levels are known to be dangerous in numerous scientific settings. An EMF transmitter on-time of 44 seconds for a water meter is a fraction of the day (86,400 seconds per day gives a fraction of 44/86400 of the day) that equals 0.051 % of the day. At the same time the EPA limit for vinyl chloride in drinking water is 2 ppb (parts per billion) 0.0000002% (See reference 1), which is 250,000 times smaller than the 0.051% level.

The point here is very simply that a number being small or a measurement of something being a small percentage, does not mean that it is insignificant or that it could not, or should not, be a source of concern. If the water department is engaged, day-by-day with controlling exceptionally small amounts of foreign substances in the drinking water, that, if not eliminated, would get into the human body, it is inconsistent and not scientific for the water department to disregard and dismiss EMF, which gets into the body as well, based upon the premise that it is too small of a percentage to be a problem.

In the end, the idea, the statement: 0.051% is such a small number, that it probably could not cause a human health problem is a statement of no meaning, and no significance in science.

5. Individuals Expressing Ill Health Should Not Be Dismissed Lightly

Anecdotal reports of health problems typically precede scientific measurements quantifying the precise degree of risk. If the individuals who have expressed their experiences of ill health in the presence of this wireless water meter are being disregarded by the city, I believe that is a serious mistake. These people are, in my view simply electro-sensitive. They are not wierdos or troublemakers, and should not be so regarded. They are simply the canaries: persons who should be highly valued for their sensitivity like the canaries taken down into the coal mines who are early warning signs for danger to human health.

6. Summary

The ultimate question is, whether the massive deployment of EMF in Fairfield constitutes a human health problem as it is planned to be installed.

In my opinion, the answer is: You donít know.
- The deployment of the wireless water meters is a massive undertaking. It is the provisioning of constantly pulsing (every 14 seconds, 24 hours per day) EMF transmitters into almost every home and business. Even as people opt-out, the background EMF from the neighboring wireless meters will overflow into all dwellings.

- It appears that the roll out of these meters so far has been done without the knowledge or permission of the Fairfield citizens.

- Is it possible that this EMF deployment could negatively affect the green quality of Fairfield and result in Fairfield looking like a hot spot to avoid rather than a haven of health.?

- Here [from Wikipedia] is the [scientific] Precautionary Principle mentioned previously.

The precautionary principle or precautionary approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.

This principle allows policy makers to make discretionary decisions in situations where there is the possibility of harm from taking a particular course or making a certain decision when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking. The principle implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk. These protections can be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that provide sound evidence that no harm will result.

(See Reference 4 for the link to this principle at

I hope this has been helpful. I would be glad to answer questions of the council or any independent group conducting an evaluation.

Robert E. Palma
President, Chief Engineer


== EPA Vinyl Chloride maximum contaminant levels can be found at:
== Robert Palmas resume can be found here:
== The water meter brochure information can be found here:
== Precautionary Principle,

Citizens Response To Mayor Ed Malloy On The Subject Of The Above Letter
A response to the above letter was made in the form of a letter-to-the-editor by Mayor Ed Malloy. The citizens for safe meters ( ) wrote a response to Ed Malloy&aposs response.
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